I unintentionally touched on “Older but Younger” theme for New Haven City Wide Open Studios theme when my friend, Valerie Richardson, gave me two of her older paintings to use as “blank slates” for new paintings of my own. Instead of re-gessoing her paintings, I decided to keep some of the elements in her works, and reincarnate them into my own creations. You will see her clown face and barbie in my “No Reflection” and her animal skull, jar of jam, vase, and oranges in my “Moment of Recognition”. Her fruit were ripe for transformation into breasts! What a fun, unintentional collaboration. Valerie was happy for me to share this moment of “Older but Younger” transformation.

Come see both of our work at the Alternative Weekend at CWOS, Nov. 2 and 3:

Valerie’s website: http://www.valerierichardson.com/art.html

A feature of my work in the New Haven Independent: CWOS Makes Armory A Dreamscape — With A Point. Written by Alessandro Powell.